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after college亚洲乱码一区二区三区香蕉

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after college亚洲乱码一区二区三区香蕉

EXTRA 1 Dirty House CallToday was a boring day. His powers were working well and ever since day one, had developed into something that he was familiar and adept at, if artistically skilled. Using it has become every day life, helped him in so many ways. For one, he no longer had to pay for a lot of things as he made some of his payments almost literally disappear. Groceries, electronics, services, even taxi fares. He no longer had to cue over insanely long lines. He even no longer had to fight for parking every day, as long as he knew where the other driver was. All he had to do was open his mind, give some simple commands and alls well always ended well for him. Nonetheless, he was getting bored only using his powers primarily at his workplace. He wanted to experiance something even more exciting.So he thought about maybe using it elsewhere instead, and there seemed to be no limit over what he could do. That morning, he was looking out his window, as usual, practicing on random people down below. No one was safe from his will, from all walks of life they cannot resist. Each one was different in their own right though. Such were the pleasures of individuality. Gave him something different to work on every time even if familiar faces tended to blend into the city crowd.Then he spotted something down by the opposite block. A car pulling up to the residential parking space, a dark blue station wagon. A pair of fine ladies stepped out, one dressed in a summer one piece, while the other in a college cheerleader's uniform. The single mother and her daughter living together. She worked as a waitress by the bistro some blocks away, and her daughter went for the local college, late 2nd year running. He had always admired their figures from afar. Just happened that he had commanded the mother to flash him her tits by her window on day two. Down to earth and particular happy in their lifestyle. They went along, chatting, joking amongst themselves as they headed inside the building, disappearing through the front doors. With a smile, his dirty mind came up with a fun new idea.He knew where they stayed, about the same floor as him in that apartment block, so he waited until night time for them to settle in before he made his move. Dressing himself in something snazzy for once, a suit he swiped from one of the male staff of the firm, he headed over there. Getting past the downstairs was simple and up the elevator was even simpler. Both times he simply hijacked a key from the doorman. He found their door within minutes of his arrival, feeling like a fed making a house call. In a situation like this, it would be a dirty house call. Grinning to himself, he knocked on the door, and it opened halfway. As soon as her eyes was visible to look outside, he cast his spell, sending a prepared mental command."Oh, Mr Gary. Its you. Come in." The female voice thrillingly spoke."How do you, Mrs Saint?""Please call be Deb. Come in!"The door opened and before him was the lovely single mom Mrs Saint. Deborah Saint. She had a tall, lean figure, raven black hair that fell to her shoulders, lovely brown eyes. Some fine round D's under that yellow night dress one piece. She stepped aside smiling at him, letting him inside the house as if an honored guest. The house was as big as his own, very nicely furnished with some decent comforts. A very humble home but it actually looked quite stylish, considering how much Deb could earn on her salary. Her daughter was there, sitting on the couch with a magazine in her hands. She looked very much like her mother, only that her hair was dyed brown and a little smaller, sporting a pair of pert natural Cs. A cheerleader's figure, one subjected to quite a bit of acrobatic and flexibility training. Her name simply was Claire, dressed beautiful with a tank and shorts. As soon as he saw her, he extended his will.Let the games begin. Gary stood in the middle of the room and immediately took on a grim face. He addressed them both, "Deb, I would really have to talk you about Claire's conduct.""Really?" She seemed a little surprised, closing the door and locking the catch."What?" Her daughter looked up.Trying very hard not to show how much he was enjoying this, he continued, hands on his hips to appear a bit concerned, "She has been misbehaving lately. Every day, after college, she would go behind the school building and hang around for hours.""Is that what you do every day, Claire?" The mother sternly looked at her daughter.She looked upset and surprised, "I only go there to meet with my friends and exchange notes, mom.""You dont, Clair. I was around there," Gary stood tall, "and you were not with your friends. You were alone, behind the sports shed. I heard your voice.""And what was she doing?" Deb looked saddened."She was, for the lack of a better explanation, masturbating," Gary responded, to the shock of both persons. "and calling out how much she wanted a man inside her.""Oh my gosh!" Her mother gasped.Claire's face reddened with embarassment, "Ok! Ok! I was masturbating in school! I'm sorry! I hardly have time after cheer squad and my boyfriend is useless! Im sorry, ok?""Too late to be sorry, Claire. Its become a disciplinary thing already, but dont worry. No one else saw or heard you in any way." Gary tried his best not to smile. He knew she came home from school late but he only made up the story. "Lets discuss our options here.""No, Gary. Lets not. My daughter has embarassed herself and me in front of you. She should be apologizing for her actions." Deb touched his shoulder, her face strewn with worry."Ok...." He nodded, "We can compromise. We dont need this to be up in the disciplinary board. We'll settle this privately then.""Have a seat. Lets do that."With that, Gary was led to sit on the couch next to Claire. Her mother sat next to him. From this position, he could feel their proximity to him. If he looked to either side, the luscious figures of both women greet his eyes. Passing on future commands to keep the fantasy going took a bit of work but he did it anyways, leaving them hanging only for a few minutes of 'awkward silence'. He could already feel a bulge growing in his pants the longer he stayed here."Claire, Im surprised of your dirty behaviour, doing things like that at college." Deb looked cross with her."Im sorry, mom.... You know I have a lot of libido...." Claire looked down."I can forgive her for her misconduct, Deb.." Gary said."You probably can, but my daughter has lied to me. For that I have to deal with her." Deb settled herself into the couch, "You wouldnt mind helping me, Mr Gary? I hope it isnt a bother.""Call me Gary, and no, I dont mind.""Ok then. Claire, come here."Her daughter stood up from her seat and walked over to her mother, clearly submissive to her mother's wishes. To see her like that sent Gary up into the sky."Claire. Do as your mother says and dont whine about anything, ok?" Deb glared at her, although her voice was still soft with concern."Ok, mom." She responded."Now, take off your top."Her eyes instantly widened and she hesitated, looking back at forth between Gary and Deb. It was all part of the act, but Gary had always wanted to try this. Right on cue, she slowly reached her arms down to her waist and pulled her tank top off over her head. Her C cups bounced heavily for all to see, invitingly jiggling at him, He had to control himself from getting up and attacking her. Those hardened nipples were almost too much for him to bare."Do you like my daughter's tits, Gary?" Deb casually asked."Love them. They look very nice.""Come closer, Claire. Let Gary taste you."Again the hesitance. The blushing young lady dared not defy her mother and stepped forward. The huge hills dangled in front of Gary's face and he wasted no time to lean forward and take one into his mouth. The soft texture of the breast was the first he felt, until he latched himself on it. The flesh instantly inflated and he could hear a cute cry. The nipple he tongued instantly hardened even more, jigging about as he felt her squirm where she stood. After a while of suckling on those tasty breasts, he let go and sat back down, licking his lips."Satisfactory?" Deb smiled widely."More so." Gary replied."Then lets have Claire be a bit more proactive." She turned to her quivering daughter, "Honey, help Gary with his pants?""What....?" She squeeked, eyes widening again."Do it, Claire. Get between his legs and unzip that zipper." She sternly urged her. "Pull down any underwear too."Left with no choice, the young lady dropped down to her knees, her face and slow actions letting them know just how reluctant she was in doing such an embarassing and shameless act. She seemed to stare at the twitching bulge she was about to free, which convulsed once when she slowly unzipped him and another time when she pulled it down. His rock hard cock sprang free when she lifted and moved aside his boxers. She stared at it in awe and surprise. Gary could see that even Deb was staring at it, her jaw almost dropping. Her daughter then looked up to them, awaiting further instructions. He could feel his cock twitched with every warm breath she took.Deb took a while before she spoke again, "Do you masturbate often, Gary?""Sometimes.""Want my daughter to satisfy you tonight?""If it leads to learning to mend her ways, why not?" Gary grinned.Deb let out a giggle, turning to Claire, "Honey,男人肉大捧进出女人视频 I want you to pleasure Mr Gary here with your mouth. Dont stop until he cums.""You want me to what?" She questioned again, more surprised than last time."Seems like she doesnt know her position." Gary added."Do what you gotta do. You have my permission."Gary reached out and grabbed Claire's head just as she was about to protest again. He could not stand it anymore. He wanted her mouth on his dick, her lips on his shaft and the head down her throat! He forced her head down onto his crotch, stuffing his length all the way in one swift thrust. As he had suspected, her mouth was small and the tight feeling of her insides made him groan audibly. He could feel her let out a sharp cry as her pretty face was impaled, reduced to a muffle as his cock filled her oriface completely. He immediately started a rhythm of push and pull, rocking his hips into her face, allowing his cock to slide and out of her easily. He felt like he could explode at any minute, the texture and the surfaces of her mouth driving him crazy. Deb only sat by his side, legs curled up onto the cushions, watching as he fucked her daughter's face right next to her."How is she, Gary?" She asked, pressing her body against his arm. He could feel her D cups enveloping his muscles like butter. He could feel her rubbing herself against his side slowly."Great!" He gasped in response. "Your daughter's mouth feels really good, Deb!"Muffled words came out from Claire's stuffed mouth, her eyes showing her embarassment and humiliation."Not another word, honey." Deb reprimanded her, "Let Mr Gary use you. Dont let his rod out of your mouth until he cums, and suck it in. Dont be so passive."A muffle of comformity and her eyes flew close. The tremendous suction that accompanied his pounding sent Gary even higher. She really knew how to suck hard and his cock slipping in and out expanded even more. Before long, he finally felt his balls tightening. Feeling a little evil, he held onto it for as long as he could."Im cumming, Claire. Here it comes!""Go ahead. Drain your balls in my daughter's mouth."Ramming his cock deep into her mouth, he let out a long sustained groan. Her eyes flew open in surprise as the torrents of sticky juices blasted out, letting out a muffled squeek of surprise. He kept cumming load after load and he could feel the collection of his spunk building on her tongue, the warm substance sloshing around with each movement. When his orgasm subsided, he slowly pulled out, popping out his cock out of the surprised young lady's oriface. Now freed, she immediately retreated from him, pulling her head back, her hands shooting up to touch her lips. Her cheeks were puffed up and Gary knew he had dumped quite a big load in her."Swallow it, darling." Deb coaxed, "Dont spill anything."Claire obeyed, shutting her eyes and forcing her throat to dance and jive twice, before letting out a breath, "Oh, god....""Well, how did it taste?" Her mother smiled at her."S-salty... So thick... and sticky.... There was a lot...." She sniffed. "I-I could feel it... shooting out.... onto my tongue and cheeks.... Pumping more and more... Sliding around.... and down my throat....""Did it fill your mouth, honey?""Yes, it did.... C-completely..."'Hmm, good." She suddenly leaned over, "Then fill my mouth too!"She literaly flew over his cock, dropping down to plant her face down onto his still twitching member. Licking at the head and suckling at the tip, Gary was sent quivering and twitching as Deb cleaned him and immediately wrapped her own lips down his shaft. Unlike Claire, she was more enthusiastic about it, moaning and groaning audibly. He could feel her tongue expertly rounding the head and licking underneath."Mom!" Claire gasped, "Dont be greedy!"She briefly popped his cock out to grin, "As a mother, I should take responsibility too, honey." She turned to smile at Gary, "You dont mind, right?""Not at all!"With a lick of her lips, she continued to engorge herself on his cock again. She was better at making him feel good without him having to pound his cock into her mouth, so he let her be, bobbing her head up and down his shaft, wiggling her ass up in the air, spread on all fours beside him on the couch. He looked her up and down, all dressed up in the dress. It was a sight worth the effort of coming here, even after he had Claire taste his cock. Reaching down, he groped her ass, felt past her panties, letting his hand trail up her soft body, pulling her dress up. Her D cups bounced with each movement of her neck, her body squirming even more as he cupped one tit fully on one hand. His original plan did not involve staying for too long but after seeing the kind of body she and her daughter had, he thought that maybe he could stay for a bit longer."Let me, mom." Claire suddenly barged in, stealing the cock from her mother's mouth."Honey!" Deb gasped, "No stealing!""If Gary is going to cum in my mom's mouth, then let me help.""Share, will you?"She put in some effort this time, and a bit of speed. The familiar feeling of her mouth enveloped him. Gary was again flying. Mother and daughter shared his rock hard dick amongst them, taking equal turns sucking at it like an ice pop. Claire seemed to have adapted, clearly enjoying it as much as Deb was, moaning and groaning in an erotic symphony with her. What turned him on even more was the conversation they exchanged with themselves."Mr Gary's sperm tasted so good....""I cant wait until he cums into my mouth too....""Such a good delicious cock, I could just suck it all night long....""Save some for me, honey. I wanna taste it too...."Gary almost lost it again, the pleasure being too much, "Claire, give it to your mom, baby, cause Im gonna cum again!"She immediately popped it out of her mouth with Deb soaring to replace her. The suction was like vacuum and her mouth like a black hole, she rocked her head quickly from shaft to head. Pretty eyes looked up at him, begging for his release.Claire sighed loudly, "Cum into my mom's mouth, Gary! Shoot your hot load down her throat!"Letting out another long groan, his cock began a rapid fire of cum into the new hole. She muffled moan after pleasured moan, locking her lips and dancing her tongue all the way down his shaft, collecting his shot into a pool. He could feel her mouth become warm with his spunk, just as it was with Claire's. His body convulsed and trembled even after he fired off his last string of juice, flopping down onto the couch in fevered breaths. He could feel her mouth suddenly twitch around, the warmth suddenly dissipating. She had swallowed all of it with his cock still in her mouth. After a while of lapping her tongue around, she popped it out, and a greedy Claire charged in to suck on the straps that was left behind."Ah, the sweet salty taste of spunk..." Deb licked her lips, rising to sit on the couch. "Nothing like a good serving of cum to settle the night.""It was actually quite tasty...." Claire lapped at his twitching cock head. "I want another load.""Greedy greedy, Claire. Take it easy." Deb giggled, stopping her daughter from going out of control."That can be arranged." Gary panted. He was finally exhausted and extremely satisfied. The fantasy had gone well more than he had expected, "How about you give me a spare set of keys? I will need to check back on you again in the next week or so.""Sounds like a great idea." Deb stood up, "I'll get it from the kitchen."Claire gave his cock one more kiss, "Im so glad you take the time for my welfare, Gary. Now you can guide me anytime you want. My mom will help too.""Happy to be of service."This was actually quite fun. A mother and daughter for him to use outside of the office. Having such infinities in possibilities had just taken a new turn for him. As he watched Claire continued to work on his shrinking rod, new plans formulated with these two in mind. Theres more to come and he felt that he wasnt finished with them yet.