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She hesitated outside the door for a moment, before knocking lightly. "Enter." a voice commanded, and she did. The room was dimly lit, she could just barely make out his shape perched on the edge of the bed. "Kneel." Anna swollowed nervously, then obeyed. The steel in his voice didn't give room for much else. She rested on her knees, across the room in the dark. Waiting. Time seemed to tick by, and every second she grew more nervous, more regretful of this decision. Twice she parted her lips to say something, to back out, or ask what he wanted, but both times she decided against it and kept her silence. Finally he spoke again. "Come here." Anna went to rise from her knees, and his voice cut harshly through the room- "Did I say to stand?" She froze, and then uncertainly kneeled back down. "Crawl." This order was issued with a kind of bemused arrogance that stung her pride even more than the words he spoke. But she swallowed that bitter feeling down and crawled slowly across the room, until she was kneeling just before him. "Back straight. Head down. Do not look at me unless I say otherwise." She didn't reply, but did as he asked. The shocking sting of his hand across her face ripped a cry from her lips. Her eyes welled up with tears, head shot up to stare incredulously at him. "When I give you a command, you reply 'yes sir'. Understand?" She almost nodded, then caught herelf and replied, "Yes sir." "Good. Now lower your fucking gaze and lick my cock like a good little slut." Immediately she leaned forward, grasping his cock in her right hand, eager to get this over with. Before she could sweep her tongue across the swollen head, the crack of his hand on her face filled the room again, harder this time. "Ow!" she cried out, rubbing her cheek. "That hurt!" "It's supposed to. Did I tell you to use your hands?" "N-no." she replied with a small sob, then quickly corrected herself as his hand raised again. "I mean no Sir." "You will do what I say, when I say, and nothing else. Do you understand?" "Yes sir." "Now lick my cock." Grudgingly she resumed, using only her tongue to bathe the length of his rigid shaft. His cock was hard and thick, and surprisingly big. Maybe fucking him wouldn't be so bad after all. Most of the guys she visited had small penises that delivered hesitant erratic thrusts. At least this guy was hung. Suddenly he took her hair in his fists and drove deep into her mouth, filling her throat. Instinctively she tried to pull away, but he held her in place, rocking her head back and fourth, fucking her throat so deep that breathing wasn't an option. Relax, he's not going to kill you. He'll let you breath eventually. Relax. Just let him do it. This was her mantra, this was what kept her from panicking as the lack of oxygen set in and everything started to feel distant and far away. Just when she thought she might actually faint, he let go and she pulled away ghasping, drool dripping down her chin. He let her recover for a moment, but the instant her breathing became more regular, he siezed her hair by the roots and began feeding her his cock again. "That's a good little slut. Suck it. Suck it for your master, you don't need air, you need my come don't you?" She focused on sucking, on caressing his cock with her tongue, and on catching tiny snatches of breath anytime he pulled back far enough. This was nothing like any of her previous clients. When she heard that he liked to be in control, she'd expected there to be a few light spankings and maybe some furry novelty handcuffs. Not this brutal face fucking, not the sharp slaps her delivered, or the fingers that were delving into her dress to pinch and twist her nipples until they burned with agony. She told herself she would get through it. He was just an asshole on a power trip. He'd probably start out with a lot of energy, but fizzle out quickly. Then she'd get her money and never come back. But oh god did it hurt when he pulled her up by her hair and slapped her across the face for a third time. Her cheek was on fire. "Take off the dress. Lay down." After what must have been twenty minutes of recieving deep throated goodness, he wasn't even out of breath. She almost questioned her oral skills for a moment as she stood and pulled the dress up over her head, but then she decided he must just be struggling to sound in control. Guys like this got off on control. She stood before him, head still lowered. She was dying to know what he looked like, but the dim lighting and order to keep her head lowered were working against her. She sprawled out on the bed in an alluring position. "I don't want your whore poses slut. On your back. Hands above your head." "Are you-" she began, but was immediately interrupted with a growl: "Shut the fuck up and do what I said or you'll be punished." That was incentive enough for her to obey. If slapping her and pinching her nipples were foreplay she didn't want to know what punishment was, so she assumed the position.Immediately he pulled some rope from a previously unseen bag and moved to wrap it around her wrists with quick practiced motions. Soon she was secured to the bars of the headboard. "Spread your legs." she did, ready for him to fall on top of her and spend himself. Instead he picked up the bag again. She aquinted in the darkness to see what he pulled from it; what looked like a sleeping mask. He slipped it over her head and she descended into complete blackness. "I...I can't see you." she whispered nervously, licking her lips. "Good. Don't speak unless I address you first." She felt the bed give under the weight of his body, as he kneeled betwen her legs. Fingers traced up her thigh in slow circular patterns, up, up, until he spread her pussy. "As of right now you belong to me," he spoke casually as he found her clit and began stroking it. Anna was very particular about her clit, she needed just the right amount of pressure or it was uncomfortable, but he seemed to know her body perfectly, and the sensation was wonderful. "Not because I paid for the night. Not because I have you tied up, or because I'm bigger and stronger. Do you know why?" "N...No sir." she breathed through the pleasure his fingers invoked. "You are mine because you want it as much as I do." he leaned forward and whispered, tauntingly, "Your pussy is soaked." And he was right too. Her thighs were slick with it. She didn't enjoy pain, didn't enjoy fear...At least she didn't think so. But she was dripping wet all the same. When he shifted his weight she flinched, half expecting another blow. This made him chuckle, and he gently tapped the side of her face. "Afraid I'll hit you again? Or excited about it?" he murmurred. Then his fingers slid into her and she stopped registering words. She let out a breathy moan as he curled them up to stroke that perfect spot inside. Even as he fingered her pussy to the brink of orgasm, his mouth was busy bringing pain, biting down cruelly on delicate flesh of her nipples, her neck, her lower lip. The mixture was intoxicating, not knowing what would hurt next while he kept her climbing through heights of bliss without actually sending her over the edge. She was about to come, her thighs clenched tight and she strained again the ropes that bound her, a scream building in her ghasping chest....when suddenly he withdrew his hand. "Not that easy slut." he sneered, "Roll over." She whimpered with frustration,日本大片免费高清大片 and flipped herself over. His fingers bit into the flesh of her ass, kneading and spreading her cheeks. "You," he said, as a finger circle her asshole, applying light pressure but not penetrating, "Are a filthy little whore, aren't you?" "Yes Sir." Her words were muffled by the pillow, but the humiliation she felt was still present in her voice. "And what do bad little girls like you get? Hmm?" "I...I don't... Ahhh!" she cried out in sheer agony when his hand came down on her ass, hard. He grabbed her hair in a fist, jerking her head up and arching her body backwards painfully, and hissed into her ear, "You get punished." Heshoved her face back into the pillow and unleashed on her ass. Blow after blow rained down, rocking her body with white hot pain that seared through her brain so that she couldn't think, couldn't beg him to stop. She could only thrash and scream like a mindless wild animal. When he was done she was a shaking tearful mess, crying and pulling desperately at the ropes that held her. "Please!" she gasped, "Please let me g-" "Don't even think about asking that." he barked, slapping her already tender flesh as a warning. "You are mine as long as I want. You'll be released when I'm done and not a second sooner. Asking will only make me angry." This guy was insane, a psycho, a fucking monster and she wished with every inch of her searing skin that she had just said no when her pimp called her last night. But she was here, she was in it, and she might as well play the game. She forced herself to choke out, "Yes sir." Her whole body was vibrating, her every sense trained on him. His every little movement made her flinch, and she couldn't control the sobs that wracked her. Suddenly his hard throbbing cock was pressing into her, stretching and filling her pussy in an amazing pain/pleasure sensation. She moaned when he bottomed out and hit her cervix, and then his hand was wrapped around her throat, choking her, fucking her, using her. By now it was no surprise that he wasn't going to fuck her gently. His cock was huge, a weapon he used to stab her with over and over, hitting all the right spots, but she couldn't breath, couldn't voice the pleasure, couldn't hold on to this savage fucking. Everything was beginning to slip away, and she fought to breath against the hands throttling her. But it was a losing battle, and she almost welcomed the blank unconsiousness that enveloped her. When she came to he was forcing his lubed up cock into her tight unstretched asshole. Confused, terrified, her ass contracted wildly around him, trying, and failing, to eject the invasion. She couldn't help but scream and fight. But her desperate thrashing only served to force his cock even deeper, and he chuckled at her futile struggles. "That's right, fight me. There's nothing you can do little slut, just lay still while I tear that ass up." There was no slow introduction, his dick just drove forward, forcing deeper and deeper. Her agony was his pleasure, she couldn't help but tense against it, and it just made him groan loudly every time she tightened up. "Fuck fuck fuck it hurts!" he was all the way in now, pulling out and slamming back in with violent force, and he grunted, "Good." He raped her poor asshole, forcing screams from her mouth with every thrust, squeezing her throat rythmetically as he did. The pain was unbearable, inescapable, there was no blocking this out. Finally she did the only thing she could, and accepted it. Eyes wide against the blackness of the mask, mouth open and gasping for air, fingers clutching at the confines of the ropes, she lay there and just accepted his total ownership of her body. "I bet you would like me to come wouldn't you? Make this all end?" "Yes....Yes Sir. Please." she could barely speak, but the humility in her voice made him chuckle bemusedly. "Then beg me little whore." "Please...Please Sir please let me make you come, please I need it...ahh!" He wound his free hand in the length of her hair and made a fist, "Come on You can do better than that." He pulled her head back, forcing her to arch painfully, and began really pounding her ass. "Please please oh God please come fuck my ass and come please Sir!" She babbled and gasped and sobbed and drooled, ready to do anything, anything to end this suffering, until finally he covered her mouth to muffle the cries and shot his come deep into her ass, groaning and thrusting until he had deposited every drop. He pulled out-roughly- emitting a final cry of pain from her, and quickly untied her arms. "Count to two hundred before you take that blindold off." he warned. She lay there counting, long after hearing the door open and shut and his footsteps fade down the hall. Still she counted, terrified he might be tricking her waiting and ready to jump at her if she took it off before she reached two hundred. By the time she was done her breathing had become somewhat regular.

事实的确如此,那位开发者叫做Van Tran,而非Ban Tran。


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