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My name is Tom, and my wife Linda and I have been married for 25 years.We met in high school, married at 20, and had kids young, so we are only 45 years old and already our kids our in college and the nest is empty.Most of our friends still have kids in middle school, so we consider ourselves lucky in that respect. My wife and I married for love, not sex, and have had a happy life together.That said, we have very different sexual appetites.It’s not that my wife doesn’t have a healthy sex drive, we still make love frequently and I bet more often than most couples our age, but Linda’s idea of sex is limited to missionary-position lovemaking. I, on the other hand, have a whole plethora of perverted desires, all of which I would love to explore with my wife, and her refusal to even so much as roll over and do it doggy-style has led me to more frustrated jerk off sessions alone in the bathroom than I care to count.And finally, after 25 years, I’ve snapped.I can’t take it any longer.I’ve spent my entire life not receiving the sexual satisfaction I crave, and goddamnit, I’m not going to stand for it any longer! But I won’t cheat on my wife.I love her and respect her too much to be unfaithful.But it is that same type of love and respect for me that should make her willing to indulge my desires.This may sound selfish, but after 25 plus years of being with the beautiful woman (my wife was still beautiful and very sexy) and not being able to have her like I want, I simply can’t handle it anymore. So I decided to take matters into my own hands, so to speak.For our 25th anniversary we had decided to take a Caribbean cruise.I decided that this would be the turning point, that everything would change out on the open ocean, and that we would return a totally different couple no matter what. Let me first describe myself and Linda.I am white, medium height and built decently.I am not Herculean but I’m in much better shape than many of the overweight men my age.I also sport a considerable sized cock, probably only slightly longer than average length but thick and strong, and I’ve always suspected that Linda was a little afraid of my cock.Maybe if I was small she would be more willing to let it explore her without fear of it hurting her, but oh well.Linda is Asian, of Japanese decent, and has aged very well.She had long black hair, full C-cup breasts that she always covered modestly, and a full and shapely ass that drove me crazy.It was larger than it was when she was 20, of course, but that only made it seem more juicy and desirable to me. We boarded the ship in Miami and I was eager to take my wife to our cabin and get down to business.But the first day aboard Linda didn’t want to spend any time in our cabin.So we walked the decks, explored the different accommodations and attractions, and casually met some other passengers. Most of the women were already dressed in skimpy clothing, not attractive on everyone but certainly a number of women looked amazing, and Linda was her modest self, dressed in Capri-pants and a loose fitting blouse.The only bathing suit she brought was a one-piece, and I was relieved to see a small store on ship was selling bikinis.When we finally made it to our cabin we were constantly interrupted, first by the safety briefing, then by our baggage arriving, until finally it was dinner time.I knew my plans would have to wait a while. While Linda and I were cruising alone, we had were seated with another couple at dinner.Their names were Mark and Tara and they were about our age by the looks of them.Tara was a fine looking woman, with short blond hair and a voluptuous body that excited my desires, covered only by a loose and decently revealing summer dress.I tried desperately to keep my gaze from lingering on her deep cleavage, a teaser view of what looked to be two large and heavy breasts, but I found myself enraptured by her.Mark was a tall man with a broad and genuine smile.He was not fat but carried a little more weight than I around the middle. Dinner went swimmingly, Mark and Tara were outgoing and friendly.I detected some flirtation in the conversation, but Linda seemed unfazed and later said she really enjoyed their company.While I did as well, I was still a little disappointed when they asked us to join them at a show after dinner, since that meant I would have to wait even longer to be alone with Linda.By the time the show ended, surrounded by these two beautiful women and with deviant plans bouncing around my head, I could hardly wait to get Linda into our cabin before violating her. We said good evening to Mark and Tara and I hustled Linda to our room.She expressed desires to walk the decks at night and enjoy the evening air, and I promised her we would, but I insisted on later when the ship was quieter. I closed the door behind us and Linda sat on the corner of the bed, casually removing her shoes.I stepped in front of her, standing close, and she looked up at me with questioning eyes. “What are you…” she started, but she paused as I unbuttoned my pants and freed my cock.“My, my, my, is that what you have in mind?”She began to lean back, planning to lay on the bed in the usual missionary, but I caught the back of her head and pulled her close.Her nose bumped the head of my cock and she looked up at me in surprise. “Suck it,” I ordered. She chuckled.“Tom, you know I don’t like to do that.”She tried to lean back again but I held strong, keep her face an inch from my cock. “Suck it,” I commanded.“You never suck my cock.” “What are you talking about?I do all the time!” I shook my head.“No, you kiss it, or lick it, just to make me hard, so then we can have sex.I want you to suck my cock.When’s the last time you made me cum with your mouth?”The answer was never, it disgusted Linda. “Eww, Tom, what’s gotten into you?I mean, what are you trying to say?You know how I feel about that, so gross…”Linda carried on with her protest until I quieted her with my cock.I jammed her mouth down on it, in mid sentence, and stifled her complaints.She looked shocked and in her surprise she gagged, even though I wasn’t very deep inside.Both my hands were resting firmly on the back of her head and held her steady.She tried to pull free or slip away, but my grasp held strong and my cock remained in her mouth. “Now,” I was going to explain my feelings to her, right then and there, to let her know exactly what was going on.“You haven’t sucked my cock in 25 years.In 25 years, you haven’t let me fuck you.”Linda moaned a protest.“Oh we’ve had sex, but we have never, ever fucked.And I can’t take it anymore.” I began pushing her head down, with much resistance, but I was stronger and able to force her mouth to work.The warm pleasure of my wife’s mouth, like I’d never felt it, was heaven. “You’re so beautiful, so sexy,” I said as I worked Linda’s head up and down on my cock, “and for 25 years you’ve been a major fucking cock tease.Well no more.I’m going to get the satisfaction I deserve, and you’re going to give it to me.If I want to fuck your sweet pussy, then I’m going to grab you and fuck you.”Linda was trying to resist and argue her side of the story, but my thrusting cock made it impossible.“If I want you to suck my cock then you will suck my cock.You will eat my cum, no questions asked.”Linda made a grossed-out face at this remark.“And so help me I will fuck that amazing ass any time I want.” Linda’s eyes shot wide open and she began to fight when she heard this.It goes without saying that Linda had never let my cock, or any other part of me, any where near her asshole.But that would change.Linda pushed against me with both hands and tried to pull her mouth free.She didn’t bite, thankfully, but she reeled from me, trying to keep her tongue and lips from offering me any pleasure.I took both her wrists in one hand and jammed her face down with the other.Her mouth gave, spreading wide and engulfing my cock.She had quit fighting, and her face looked blank as I worked her mouth up and down my shaft. “I’ve spent so many nights masturbating in the bathroom, while such a beautiful and sexy woman was only a few feet away, because you wouldn’t let me have you like I wanted.That’s no way to live, that’s no kind of marriage, and I won’t have it anymore.”I continued to pump her face on me and as I said this I saw a look in Linda’s eyes, a look that I think displayed some empathy for my situation.I felt her tongue work a little more, trying to please her husband. As my orgasm approached I spoke again.“This is what I want, baby, you’re my fucking wife and if I want it then goddammnit I’m going to get it.”I pushed her head down again and thrust up, punching my cock into Linda’s throat.She gagged and gurgled and the pleasure was overwhelming.I bucked and rocked and finally fired, an explosion of cum bursting into Linda’s mouth. Linda looked furious and she fought hard to avoid my load.I held her steady and continued to pump, wave after wave of thick cum pouring into her mouth.Linda made loud and wet moaning noises as my cum filled her mouth for the first time.It began to dribble out and I knew if I released she would spit it all out, which was unacceptable.As I finally finished I held strong, holding my spent cock in her mouth along with a healthy volume of cum.Linda tried to pull away but couldn’t.Her cheeks were full and she scowled at me as my sperm swam across her tongue. I reached down and plugged her nose.She was startled and began to gasp for air.Her throat opened and my cum slid down into her stomach.Confident that my load had drained into her, I pulled my cock out and released her.Linda spat and coughed, wiping her mouth before shooting up and slapping me hard. “Goddammnit Tom!” she cried, rushing past me and into the bathroom.I heard her spitting in vain, swearing at me the whole time, and then brush her teeth.I put my boxers back on but took the rest of my clothes off and waited for her to emerge. Linda was a whirlwind of profanity and anger like I’d never seen before.She slapped me and ranted on about how fucked up this all was.She almost never swore, until tonight.I just stood my ground and smiled.Eventually she stopped and looked confused. “What are you smiling about?” “Listen,” I said, “I know this will take a little bit for you to get used to, but this is how it’s going to be.For a quarter century we’ve done everything your way.From now on we do it my way.This isn’t a discussion, that’s just how it’s going to be from now on.You can fight it, or you can join it and have some fun with me, but either way I’m getting what I want.Now, I’m going to lie down here and watch some TV, you can say what you need to say or whatever but you’re not leaving the room, and when you’re done you just come lay next to me so I can enjoy that fucking body of yours, ok?” “No,无码精品人妻一区二区三区老牛 no, it’s not ok!” Linda shouted.She began arguing again but I did as I said, lying on the bed and ignoring her rant.She stomped around the room for another minute or two but gave up, since I wasn’t even registering her complaints, and she went out to the balcony.She closed herself out there and stood against the railing, watching the stars and the waves. Linda didn’t move for a half hour.Finally, she caved.She opened the balcony door and walked back into the room.She looked sullen and dejected but didn’t say a word.She crawled into bed next to me and put her head on my chest. “Tom, I…” she began but I silenced her. “There’s nothing to talk about, Linda.”She nodded gently.I reached my hand around behind her and grasped her ass firmly.Ah, her ass was soft and full and I had longed for it for so many years.Linda had never allowed any anal play and didn’t even seem to want me to fondle her ass during foreplay.Now she laid there, eyes closed and silent, as I kneaded and squeezed her luscious ass. I slid her dress up and felt her soft panties.“Off,” I said, and Linda complied by reaching down and pushing her panties to her ankles.I caressed and enjoyed her smooth skin, taking generous handfuls of her ass and squeezing.I spanked her gently, enjoying the way her ass trembled with each strike.I then reached my hand further down and Linda lifted her leg up to give me access. My fingers met her soft pubic hair and I played across the surface of her vagina.I loved Linda’s pussy, it was tight and juicy, and I longed to explore it in other ways than just missionary.I felt Linda’s wetness coating my fingers, even though she was still and unresponsive, and I plunged two fingers into her warm pussy.This made Linda jump and bite her lip.She had never wanted to be fingered before, said it was crass, but now she took it. My fingers wiggled and probed, digging into her pussy and feeling things my fingers had never felt in her before.She moaned and sighed into my chest and, though she wasn’t ready to admit it, she was loving it.Her moans became stifled shouts when I found her G-spot, and my busy middle finger quickly worked her to orgasm.Linda bucked and thrust her hips as her pussy trembled and came.She clamped tight around my fingers, like she always did around my cock when I made her cum, and screamed so loud I’m sure the neighbors heard us.Fingering my now submissive wife had turned me on and my cock was straining in my boxers. I sat up and told Linda to get on her hands and knees.She did, slowly and reluctantly, and looked at me with concern in her eyes.I knelt in front of her face and pulled my hard cock out. “Suck my cock,” I said.She opened her mouth slowly and closed her eyes as she lowered it onto my throbbing cock.Her warm mouth was wonderful, and for a few moments I just knelt there, loving every second of her bobbing mouth on my cock.Linda was inexperienced at this, but she sucked me lovingly and drove me wild. Lust overcame me as Linda continued to suck my cock.The thousands of nuanced fantasies I’d had over all these years were all yearning to be purged at once, and my hands worked feverishly over her body.First I pulled her dress down roughly and freed her hanging tits.Linda instinctively moved one hand to cover them but I restrained her.I kneaded and held her full tits and played with her nipples.She had large aureole with little hard nipples in the middle.She had always said she didn’t get any pleasure from her nipples before, but she moaned as I pinched and flicked them, and at this point the only thing I cared about was my own pleasure. I then pulled her dress bottom up to her waist to expose her naked ass.It was pointed high in the air and looked to die for.I leaned forward, pushing my cock deep into her throat as I did, and squeezed it with both hands.I spread her luscious ass and saw her tiny brown hole, naked and exposed like I’d never seen it before.I was determined to be inside her, everywhere at once, and I reached for her with both hands.With my left hand I pushed two fingers into her wet pussy, eliciting a gurgling moan around my cock, while my right index finger circled her tight asshole.Linda quivered with fear, she had always said there was no chance in hell of anything ever entering her ass. I massaged her tiny hole lovingly, wanting to fuck it and love it and devour it all at once.Finally I pushed, my finger meeting stiff resistance but making slow progress down into her dark depths.Linda cried around my cock.Her asshole felt amazing around my finger and I knew it would be heaven for my cock.I pushed despite her obvious clenching and attempts to keep me out.My finger finally was in to the knuckle and Linda was producing sharp and repeated cries with each twitch of my finger.I pulled my two fingers of my left hand out of her pussy and replaced them with the middle and ring finger of my right hand.I savored the flavors of her off my fingers before reaching down and holding the back of her head still. This position, my wife on her knees and elbows with my fingers jammed in her ass and pussy and my cock rammed into her mouth, was perfect for a strong fucking.My wife had never been violated like this before, not even close, and she was a constant source of pained cries and pleased moans. I placed my left hand firmly on the back of her head and began to fuck Linda’s mouth.Her throat clenched each time my cock bumped it, and she gagged and drooled as I assaulted her mouth.I began pumping with my right hand, thrusting all three fingers in and out of her tight holes repeatedly, and Linda was shaking with sensations she’d never felt before.My head was buzzing with fantasies; from ass fucking my wife, to unloading in her throat, to fucking her doggy style, to double stuffing her like this with another man.What?I’d never considered my wife fucking another man, but at this moment, I imagined her on all fours like this, gagging on my cock while a stranger pumped her from behind like my fingers were doing.I suddenly pictured Mark, from dinner, railing my wife’s pussy while she sucked me, and his wife Tara slipped her fingers into Linda’s ass to join us, and the image sent me flying to orgasm. I thrust hard with my hips and jammed my fingers in as deep as I could.I interrupted Linda’s shocked cry with a stream of hot cum.My semen launched from me and landed deep in Linda’s throat like never before.I imagined Linda trying to handle more than one load of cum, I imagined Mark dumping his load in her pussy at the same time as I flooded her mouth, and the image brought wave after wave of cum up from my balls.My second orgasm dwarfed my first, and cum was spewing from the sides of Linda’s mouth.She swallowed weakly, still not enjoying feasting on my cum, and I stuffed my cock into her throat to force it down. Linda was spent and speechless.My load had been enormous and a large pool of cum had escaped her mouth and gathered on the bed sheet.I pushed her head down, not violently but with authority, and told her to clean up the mess.She did, reluctantly licking up the slippery globs. We cleaned up and went to bed.Linda passed out immediately, but my head was spinning as I imagined all the possible scenarios.I convinced myself to find out tomorrow if Mark and Tara were swingers. In the middle of the night I awoke to use the bathroom.When I returned to the main cabin room, I stopped to gaze at my wife.It was hot, no surprise in the Caribbean, and she had slept naked as I’d instructed.I pulled back the thin sheet to admire her body.The moonlight illuminated her and I watched her delicious breasts heave with each breath.My cock was rising in my boxers and I hatched another devious plan, one that would end with me finally burying my cock in my wife’s supple ass. I pulled my cock out of my shorts and stood over Linda.She looked beautiful, as always, and I began to stroke.I pictured my Linda, now at my beckon call, being used like a slut.With every passing moment my fantasy became more base and perverted.It started with Linda, on her knees, screaming as my cock expanded her virgin asshole.Then it transitioned to a vision of Linda lashing her tongue in and out of the luscious Tara’s pussy while Mark and I took turns pummeling Linda’s soaking pussy.The more I thought about the years of sexual frustration, the more I wanted to turn Linda into a whore.Next I pictured more strange men, from here on the ship, stuffing Linda in every hole.Soon I imagined a crowd of horny men, cocks out and hard, lining up to abuse my wife. I couldn’t take anymore.I leaned in close to Linda’s face and a long stream of cum jettisoned from my cock.I sprayed cum on my sleeping wife, all over her face, into her hair, her ear, across her lips, and down her neck and chest.Linda was exhausted from the night’s activities and never woke up, exactly as I had hoped.I went to sleep next to my wife, who slept in a sea of my cum, waiting eagerly for the morning. “What the?Oh, shit, Tom, what the fuck?”I awoke to a stream of profanity as Linda discovered my dried cum caked all over her.She got out of bed and headed to the bathroom and I followed her, dropping my shorts as I went.She bent over the sink and began splashing water on her face and neck.I sat directly behind her, on the toilet seat, not to use the bathroom but to enjoy the view.My cock was standing tall as my wife’s naked ass was on display, bent over, at face level.I grabbed it with both hands and spread her cheeks. “Fuck, Tom, fuck!” she cried as I lunged at her asshole, ramming my tongue into it and savoring the taste.Linda squirmed uneasily as I licked her ass lustfully, preparing her hole for my cock.She protested some but seem resigned to accept my will. When convinced her hole was as wet and ready as it ever would be, I pulled my tongue out and leaned back.I grabbed Linda’s hips and pulled her roughly toward me.She yelped as I brought her asshole down onto my cock.The force of her guided fall broke the initial resistance of her anus and the head of my cock popped in.Linda screamed, her ass had never been open that wide, and I pulled her down.Linda protested and flailed as she slid down my cock, slowly and painfully.Her asshole clenched and she strained her legs to try to stand up, but I was too strong for her.I continued to drag her down, my cock forcing deeper with each inch, until she caved. Linda’s mouth was wide open in a silent scream.I pulled her until her soft ass cheeks were sitting firmly on my hips, my cock buried in her ass.I gyrated my hips, trying to eek out a few more millimeters of depth.Linda was beyond sound, she thrashed her head and bit her lips but couldn’t produce a scream or cry.Satisfied that I’d found the deepest point of Linda’s tight ass, I began to bounce her on my cock.The feelings were intense and her previously virgin ass tried desperately to accommodate my girth. I knew I wouldn’t last long in Linda’s ass, so I took this opportunity to fuck it good.I would fuck it many more times, I told her, as often as I wanted.Then I surprised her by standing up abruptly, pushing her over the sink and burying my cock deeper in her than ever before.She screamed and I joined her, flexing and exploding a substantial load into her violated ass.I spurted my cum deep in her where it had never before been, and I promised her I’d do it again and again, whether she liked it or not.To be continued….


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